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Where's Red-Kun Today?

2016-08-11 00:28:42 by CrowTheGuy

6 feet underground. I died 2 days ago.

Just a status post telling you that you should watch my new animation.

yeah determination whatever


2016-07-08 16:37:58 by CrowTheGuy

I'm working on an animation, and I need to know whether or not to publish the full version on here.

The reason is that, this is RED-KUN VS. SHARK SANDWICH 3 BITCHES!

yeah i'm doing it again and i'm making it longer

uploaded the first part today on my youtube

should i continue and upload the final product here? I said I wouldn't, but...

yeah determination whatever

Well. Shit.

2016-06-27 22:16:31 by CrowTheGuy

With the help of a friend of mine, I've received Flash Professional. Now I'm off to learn all about how to use it.

Fshh, where have I been?

2016-06-21 22:04:13 by CrowTheGuy


Hey, it's been a while. I'm going to give you a short run-down of what I've been doing.

Learning C:

Yes, I have in fact continued this. I'm learning more and more every day.

return 0;


Been working on a thing for the "One Punch Collab", and the Stick Collab put together by some random guy.


Character Development.

Being a general creep:


Community Projects:

I'm looking for a project. That's it.

Anything Else:

Lorenzo you smell.

That's it. Reading this short post fills you with something, saying goodbye, whatever.


2016-05-26 22:05:39 by CrowTheGuy

@PivotKnife my entire ng homepage is filled with notifs of you

well this is a shitfest thanks m8

Where's Red-Kun Today?

2016-03-23 17:13:47 by CrowTheGuy


Hey there, newgrounders and oldgrounders, Red here.

Now, if you actually give 2 shits about me (which I know you don't) you've probably been wondering where my animations have been.

Well, that's something a bit tricky right now.

I have nothing to show you at the moment; no animations and no random posts anywhere.

The reason?

I've been primarily putting my creative power toward a story I'm writing so I can put creative energy somewhere else.

A story that, in the future, I might animate.

Well, if I've just been writing, have I gotten any work into my animations?

Put simply, kind of.

See, I've been playing around with other animation software (Pencil2D, if you were curious) and the test animations I get out of those aren't nearly as interesting as this.

They're mostly just little no-faced guys shooting lasers or driving the invisible boatmobile.

Well, with that considered, have I been using Pivot to animate?

Well, yes and no.

What I've been doing on Pivot is minimal and adds nothing to my previously shown works.

All of these factors combined together have made me do one thing, one thing that will blow all of your minds.

Bring in a friend.

That's right, I have friends that are willing to help out. In fact, this particular friend is one I happen to not only know well, but one that has actually done Pivot animations before with me.

I'm planning on getting to work with him this Friday at his house, after playing Smash with some friends.

Speaking of friends and animations, As soon as I finish writing this post, I'm going to finish work on a short I've started and then I'm going to animate something I've actually got a request for from one of my other close friends.

Said close friend is really good at and loves writing epic gorey fight scenes. He's really into Mortal Kombat, Scott Pilgrim, Predator, Alien, Friday The 13th-Basically all of the awesome fighty gorey stuff that makes animations like mine awesome.

Because he's so into stuff like that, I should probably punch myself for not asking him for requests sooner.

In fact, I will.


Okay, not even joking here I think I just cracked my glasses! XD

Well, anyway, this has been a long and painful update from your least favorite idiot.

Reading to the end of my post fills you with DETERMINATION.

Buh-bye now.

Where's Red-Kun Today?

2016-03-06 20:27:26 by CrowTheGuy

In a position where I'm actually pretty confident in social matters.

Hey there, newgrounders and oldgrounders, I've returned to being creative.

If you're wondering about the sudden confidence, my shell of antisocial internet obsessed shy-guy shell has been cracked. I ACTUALLY TALKED TO AND HUNG OUT WITH SOME GIRLS! ARE YOU PROUD OF ME MOM?!

Nah, but, in all seriousness, I've been hanging out with my friends a lot to get a bit of a break from animating and programming for like a month.

I've been playing Super Smash Bros with them at a local hangout in our town to defuse tension, so I kind of cheated, but that's not the point.

Why I decided to share that all with you is; 1. I want to make this a bit of a blog where I can spill my thoughts while letting you guys know about animations and such. 2. I want to give a little bit of a thing that people can relate to, and I already started something here. 3. I want any possible viewers I have to know why exactly something takes so long. 4. Some other thing.

So, I'm working on some things. On my projects I've felt a little swamped with what I've made myself do, so I've decided to animate some test things to free me up. I'm trying out some new animation software. It's going... decently well.

Well, this was an actually quick post to explain a few things.

Reading to the end of my post fills you with DETERMINATION.

This has been a quick update from your least favorite idiot, who's saying bye.


Where's Red-Kun Today?

2016-02-19 21:08:12 by CrowTheGuy

Knee deep in seriousness. Thick, gooey, seriousness.

By that I mean, my parents are pissed off at me for having less than optimal grades right now.

I have 2 Cs (in 2 my favorite classes no less) because of 1 reason, that being that my teachers are assholes about grading things. Well, the teacher for my absolute favorite class is an asshole about it and I'm glad to be rid of her. In my other class I'm just lazy.

If these grades aren't gotten up by spring break, you'd better believe I'm boned.

That being said, what's been happening on my creative endeavors?

Well um... not much, actually. I've actually been seeing how developing with Game Maker (yoyo games) would go for me, since Toby Fox used it to make Undertale. Now, Game Maker isn't for Flash development, but it's still good practice for game developing in general. I'm already about 20% through programming a little game about cubes falling in love. :3

Animations are something I've kind of hit a rut in--my friends are currently making me music to go along with my animations and sometimes giving me ideas, and one of them is helping me set up a system of commisions for them, but I'm kind of running out of ideas.

And patience, because I'm only around 1/4 of a way through a personal project of mine.

Still, I'm staying determined. I'm starting to find programming a little easier to follow and my animating skills have grown immensly in smoothness. Although, admittedly I've been spending a lot less time animating and more time gaming. Found out I have a few old Atari carts in my basement and have been thoroughly enjoying them.

Oh, almost forgot to mention my friend Avarita (don't let the name fool ya, he's a dude) got a new Newgrounds account. Heh heh. Here's your ad, bud.

Reading through my entire post fills you with determination.

This has been your least favorite idiot doing a somewhat quick/semi long update.


Where's Red-Kun Today?

2016-02-13 22:35:46 by CrowTheGuy

Hey dere! Red-Kun here, happy as always!

Well, not completely.

The new version of Red-Kun vs. Shark Sandwich was blammed, whatever.

The one sad bit of news outta the way, what have I been doing this past... what, few weeks?

Well, there's a simple answer. I've been animating of course (Valentine's Day short coming out by tomorrow) but there's been something else interesting I've been doing. If you follow me on teh social medias (you probably don't) you would know I've been learning programming in C. Why, you may ask? Well, why else? Flash.

I've always wanted to try my hand at programming, but never knew how to start. That is, until I decided to look up some sources. Through some research, I discovered the wonderful power of OpenFL and FlashDevelop.

Now, I relished the idea of using these with a few tutorials to immediately learn how to make flash games.

This... of course, was an idiotic fantasy. Programming is a lot harder than I initially thought, and I understood none of what the tutorials were telling me. I tried to understand why, and then actually kicked myself when I realized what it was.

The tutorials weren't teaching beginners to programming how to program Flash. They were teaching people who already had a few programming languages how to program Flash.

Of course, me being the nooby little idiot I am, I continued on trying to learn Flash with no prior knowledge. I failed miserably.

So then, I looked for a solution, and learning C is where I started.

I've been looking over a few tutorials online and I'm starting to get an understanding of C. I've already programmed a few joke .bat files for my friends, printing out pixel art penises and the like, so I had somewhat of a base.

So, here's how my planned cycle of programming will go.

Simple.bat understanding --> Good understanding of C --> Good understanding of C++ --> Able to create decent games with Adobe Flash --> Wherever the road leads me

I get that I'm still young and I've got a massively long way until I stop being filled with naivety, but still.

Reading to the end of my post fills you with DETERMINATION.

This has been a not so quick update from your least favorite idiot, Red-Kun. Buh-bye.

New series!

2016-02-03 22:57:11 by CrowTheGuy

Hello people of Newgrounds, today I am here with good news.

I have an idea for a new series which I'll be making, and this new series has some new characters as well.

I'll be explaining them here.

First, there's me. The animator, and the creator of the series.

Me, the Animator.

Then there's Mr. Stretchy. The guy who's body is rubber. You don't want to fuck with him.

Mr. Stretchy

And last of our main cast, there's Jack. He's a Dagram, a race of people who are gliders.

Jack, the Dagram.

And those aren't the only people who'll be on this incredibly dumb show.

This was just me letting you know how things are doing.

This is your least favorite idiot, signing off (not really).

Buh-bye now.